Joining a clan may seem easy at first, but before you do that there are a few things you need to consider. Thinking about these things will help you in the long run.

  1. Q: What do I expect from the clan and what does the clan expect from me?
    A: #1 You need to abide by the clan rules. Are you joining as a casual or competitive player. If competitive you need to know it would be expected of you to play with your team at designated times without fail. If casual it’s much less regimented but rules may still apply. Find out what they are and are these rules easily accessible i.e clan tags, t-bagging, swearing etc.
  2. Q: Do I need to have a mic?
    A: In our view absolutely YES. This is a necessity. What’s the point of joining a clan if you can’t use your most valuable tool, which is communication?
  3. Q: How long has the clan been around, if it is a new clan where was the leader before and why did he leave.
    A: If it’s a newish clan you must be aware of mud slinging. This is usually the first sign that there are much deeper (toxic) issues as to why the clan is new. This by no means disqualifies newer clans as not being worthy to join. Just be sure to ask the leader/s about their history within the clan’s. If you see the warning lights be wary as you would be doing more harm to yourself than you know. Older clans generally know how to deal with member who step out of line in a respectful and decent manner. Not because they are perfect but because they have learnt these things the hard way.  Clans with experience managing people should have healthy, competitive relationships with each other and other clans. Ultimately we know our power comes from being unified especially when the community is so small in comparison with international clans.
  4. Q: What sort of leadership structures does the clan follow and how are clan rules enforced?
    A: Is the clan run by a leader (Authoritarian) only or does he have fellow co-leaders (democratic) that assist him? Do all decisions come from the leader or does the leader discuss it with the co-leaders first and come back with an answer later? These 2 questions provide valuable information on weather the clan is stable or on the brink of instability every time there’s a big disagreement between leader and member? In a diplomatic structured clan, conflict resolutions are generally less biased, less stressful  and a significantly more fair as opposed to an authoritarian. In our opinion many brains on a problem = better solutions.
  5. Q: What sort of social media does the clan use and is the clan constantly to promote themselves?
    A: Consider how you came to hear about this clan, word or mouth or on social media. One is not better than the other, but in general stable clans rarely need to self promote because the clan culture automatically draws new members in however, they (clan) must still have the ability to communicate externally on all levels with fans and other clans. If the clan has a decent online presence with things like websites, social media and connections to larger communities, the benefits of communicating with each other are amplified. These resources can also be used as a sounding board when needed. This also gives you the opportunity to research them and do some background checking so you know what you’re getting yourself into.
  6. Q: Does the clan have an acceptable way of communicating without massive amounts of non clan related messaging in between? Are important messages highlighted in such a way that all members are aware of them?
    A: The clan must have the ability to manage and communicate effectively. This means important info should never slip through the cracks. Just imagine If you have 1000s of messages coming in daily and important information is laced in between them. Guaranteed it will be missed if you’re not on your phone 24/7. Also be aware of data drainage and censorships. The message service the clan provides should not be draining to your data. There must be rules on content shared and censorship for younger gamers if applicable.
  7. Q: Are new members made to feel welcome or left to find their own way in the clan with no assistance from fellow members/ leadership
    A: Team leaders and fellow clannies should be on top of this at all times but don’t expect the royal treatment. What you put in is what you get out.
  8. Q: Does the clan have space for growth in its ranks, and are you as a new player informed of requirements to be promoted?
    A: The clan leader and co leaders will provide clear guidance here but the general rule of thumb is “loyalty and respect”. Sadly this is something that can’t be taught. You either got it or you don’t!
  9. Q: Does the clan facilitate your gaming style when it comes to the amount of games you play, eg are they a multi game clan or FPS only?
    A: Some clans play a variety of games. Make sure you’re joining a clan that caters to your likes.
  10. Q: Does the clan provide a means for non competitive members to become competitive players with things like, internal comps, competitive players teachings new players how to be an effective team player, how to callout and communicate while playing, play style allocation and performance etc.
    A: Good leadership will quickly become evident as a good leader/ teams provides constructive criticism. If you suck at something you should know we know you do and the team wants to help you get better. Not break you down. So listen to the advice and earn those stripes
  11. Q: Is there a financial requirement to be part of the clan?
    A: This is often valuable information that is left out of any discussed until it’s time to pay, then you will be threatened to be kicked if you don’t supply a donation. Often competitions also require an entry fee, so be on the lookout for that.
  12. Q: What is the clan culture like? Probably the most important questions you need to ask yourself is how do the players in the clan treat each other. Are they overly competitive? Do they argue regularly? Do they constantly use bad language and end up rage quitting? Do they break each other down and cause division? Are the leaders hypocrites?
    A: If you see any of these symptoms you can be assured that this clan will end up self destructing. Not only that but the simple fact that there is no respect for each other shows this clan only cares about individuals (egotistical) and not the structure as a whole. If you join you will probably ending up having a few real life mortal enemies as well as you having a similar repulsive attitude and reputation. This stuff is contagious!! At the end of the day we are all here to ultimately have fun. While winning is important it should never be expense of others.

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