Let’s cut through all the noise and start asking some hard Battlefield 1 questions.

  1. Why have dice implemented these Battlefield 1 changes?
  2. What have the changes done to the game, big picture?
  3. Problems these changes have created?
  4. How do I fit in and what now?


Firstly, let’s get some context:
Lag compensation IS NOT the throttling of a connection so everyone is playing “on the same level”. It’s the prediction of a players location to make up for the time lost during the physical transfer of packets from one’s console or PC to the server (host)

Lag compensation was designed to give players with high pings (HP) the ability to play online and out of region (OOR) with other lower ping (LP) players. Logically this was done to help #1 sell more games by making the game more playable and accessible for HP players which was the norm in the earlier days and #2 coupled to the fact that console server locations weren’t on every street corner, especially for South Africans. So the word “compensation” sums it up beautifully. Compensate for what, yes you guessed it, shit ping!

Answer 1: Dice and the international community at large have known and tolerated (with much discomfort) this compensation which gives players with HP an advantage over the LP players. HP players often describe the experience as clunky and less responsive due to the nature of the HP delay to the host. The LP players experience is somewhat smoother and snappier but are constantly killed behind corners, struggle to hit HP players as they often jitter around the map. HP players also cause additional server strain which ultimately degrades the overall experience for everyone! This is not an opinion it’s an undisputed scientific fact based on the current technological limitations and the laws of nature governing the universe. As I see it, DICE decided to correct this fundamental design flaw simply because it’s premise is based on old ideas and secondly, it’s what the vast majority want!

Answer 2: This new ping threshold, as they call it has in theory fixed the issues LP players have with HP players. Firstly, by giving the HP OOR players the shit experience they technically should have and secondly, force the HP OOR players back to their local servers where they belong, or at least closer. Think about this for a second. Why should you suffer because my internet sucks? Some cry about local servers being empty as a reason to join OOR and in the same breath about how shit the (post spring patch) EU experience is. Just because we’re used to playing on (BF3,4 & BF1 pre spring patch) crappy 200+ping EU servers doesn’t justify them as being okay! Why should we always settle for second best now that we have local servers?

Answer 3: #1. We can’t play any international comps with current setting. #2. We can’t host local comps without our own local servers to rent. #3. We can’t play with friends from other countries and still call it the same kind of fun. Frankly I don’t know how DICE are going to claim they want eSports like this. Sure, it works locally minus RSP. How do we improve our skill level if we don’t get exposure to international lobbies? Think about this: If the Springboks could win 1995 Rugby world cup from a previous position of isolation, could we do the same now that DICE have imposed isolation onto us?

Answer 4:
First things first. You must get connected and PARTICIPATE with your South African PS4 or XB1 gaming community where daily server events are taking-off like wildfire. Secondly, forget about playing on an OOR server for now. We simply don’t hold the majority to make DICE revert. Thirdly, never just accept a substandard experience as okay! If your ISP is giving you a pathetic ping, call them out on social media where again, your entire gaming community can see and participate. More often than not there are others experiencing the same as you. When using a phone to complain doesn’t work, social media is much more powerful tool. Look how we got Local servers!

Understanding the network overlay graph and performance pre-spring patch


Food for thought:

  1. DICE said in the hotfix notes that EU and USA threshold is 150ms and everywhere else it’s 200. Are all the 200ms threshold regions receiving the short end of the stick simply because of lack of server or geographical constraints?
  2. Why are some local players getting pings of over 100ms. You should only be getting this if you are located in mid Africa
  3. Why don’t people understand the significance if high pings.

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