Santa Shoebox Challenge




 Santa Shoe Box Clan Challenge


When Tier one Gaming presented all BF1 clans with a challenge mid 2017 to raise 5 boxes per clan to be donated to Santa Shoe Box Project, the SnoT Community embraced the challenge and started a donation process where our community could get involved.




Our PC, PS4 and X-Box divisions jumped at the opportunity to  challenge each other….which resulted in our community members, raising enough funds, to  prepare and donate 160 boxes. Not only were funds raised, but members of our community hit the streets,  did bulk shopping and then packed the boxes over a weekend, filled with lots of laughter and teamwork. One of our local primary schools also became involved and painted and decorated boxes, with Christmas themes. From their enthusiasm and the smiles on their faces it as clear and proven : That giving is better than receiving!




In 2018 we were able to raise funds to donate 150 boxes due to many companies and individuals from our community embracing this project to making a difference in our community.




We are commited to making a difference in these childrens lives and will be doing a drive once a year, with an increase in targeted shoe boxes and the Community Size increases.




If you would like to be part of this drive, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can make the donation process available to youlenge













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