Myself and a group of friends realized that gaming was not just an extra mural activity played for fun, but gaming for us had become a sport, thoroughly enjoyed in our spare time both leisurely as well as with a competitive edge. As buddies we played in the same lobbies most of the time and realized we were missing out on the clan wars that Black Ops had to offer. I knew it was time to take our group of friends to the next level in gaming, which was to start a clan.
SnoT (Spare No Other Team) was founded in Nov 2010 with five members at the time, namely Zethanias, MarchantC, Devyious, Laudis_za and Skok-stok. More members were needed and Clan SnoT embarked on major recruiting shortly thereafter and grew to around 20 members in a very short period of time. In the early days we really struggled to reach our target of getting just 12 guys together at the same time to run our own lobbies, so we ambitiously continued the recruiting process with the great results we have today – around 54 members. Our first team won BO3 Battle of the clans Cup
I am really proud to say that today SnoT has a core structure of members, with new recruits added regularly. We may not be the best team, but we strive for friendship with fellow clan members and have mutual respect for one another. Today, we all try and play together in lobbies and the reality is that most of the time we have to play ground war to try and fit all the SnoT members online into the same lobby.
One of our early highlights in SnoT was competing in the 2013 DGL tournament. Even though we were placed 7th in the tournament, we learnt a lot about team work and how to dominate the map.
SnoT was formed in a Call of Duty franchise however, we ventured out and moved into various gaming genres during the last couple of years and formed guilds, crews and clans in various games, stated in our community page.
In closing, SnoT as a clan has grown and evolved over the past few years. We are now moving into more competitive gaming and we are looking forward to our journey. We are excited to see what online gaming in the future will expose our clan to, what experiences we will have and where gaming will take our clan in the next few years to come.

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